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Globhe connects drone pilots with organizations in need of drone footage/data. How it works.

Pilot FAQ

Do you have to have a registered company to sign up as a GLOBHE Drone Pilot? 

To be able to take on paid missions the short answer is yes. However, if you don’t have your own company you can register to companies like Cool Company so that you can invoice GLOBHE without having your own company. To fly unpaid volunteer missions no registered company is needed as long as you still have valid insurance and all legal permissions to fly required by law in the country of operation.

Is there a fixed sum that GLOBHE Drone Pilots get paid? 

When GLOBHE receives a drone mapping request from a client – drone pilots close to the request will be contacted to submit their availability and price quote. There is no fixed sum, each pilot decide his/her own cost per mission and it is up to GLOBHE to grant it or not. The price per mission usually varies depending on size, complexity, travel distance etc and is therefore set on a case by case basis depending on the details given in the drone mapping request.

What if my country does not have regulations for drone flying? 

If your country does not have an official regulatory framework for drone flying you should still get in touch with local authorities to gain permission to fly and follow the Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct

Where can I find out information about Terms and Conditions? 

See Terms & Conditions here and make sure you read them carefully and approve before taking off on a flight mission. 

How many flight missions will I take on? 

Number of flight missions will vary depending on when and where we get requests from our clients. We are working on getting global requests but some areas are more frequent than others.

Do I have to take on a flight mission? What if I’m not available? 

You decide if you are able to take on a mission by replying to the email alerts we will send out when a request has been made from your location. If you are not able to  take on the mission, simply do not respond to the request. Hopefully you are able to take on the next one, or the next.

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