Earth Observation by drones

For a sustainable future

Crowddroning by GLOBHE sends drones globally through our crowd of local drone operators collecting high-resolution data which helps businesses, organizations and researchers understand the world and take action

High quality data
Cost efficient
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Global scale

The leading provider of ultra high resolution Earth observation data

GLOBHE revolutionized the earth observation industry by providing data at the millimeter scale. It is the only alternative to satellite data that provides data globally, quickly, and at scale. What was previously a complex process for our clients is now reduced to the simplicity of ordering an Uber.

GLOBHE helps you anticipate crises, mitigate problems, and plan your operations accurately

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Drone data subscription

With subscriptions, drones can map the same areas at regular time intervals to map changes through time

Custom drone data mission

Request data from a site to get immediate insights from anywhere in the world.

Drone industry intelligence

With thousands of drone operators in Crowddroning, we have unique knowledge of all the details of the drone industry to help you focus operations

Thought leaders

Our drones and operators are shaping this industry. They are the leaders of drone operations globally and create unique content

The earth observations GLOBHE help prevent wildfires, flooding, and natural disasters. Guiding relief efforts and protecting areas at risk.

Drone Data Products

GLOBHE provides accurate and actionable drone data. High-resolution, global coverage through local drone operators, geospatial, and 3D modeling data to support businesses and research worldwide. Order data using our browser or automate it through an API to receive ready-to-analyze data.

Crowddroning by GLOBHE provides ready-to-analyze high-resolution drone data, straight to your server.

We have gathered more than millions of drone data visualizations of the earth so far. This is an unprecedented dataset captured by drones. 

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A global earth observation data provider

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Our recent projects

Using large scale earth observation data from drones to support the restoration of Africa’s forests and monitor tree growth.
Sahel Region