Swedish Startup GLOBHE Closes Seed Round of 20 MSEK to Accelerate Access to Climate Data from Drones Globally 

Stockholm 02-09-2022

GLOBHE successfully closed their seed round of around 20 million SEK with lead investor Course Corrected. Other key investors include VEQ, MIT Solve Innovation Future, and Sustainable Energy Angels.

​​”The time for planet action is yesterday. But action requires data. We have seen an increased interest this year from actors worldwide, which means sales and impact numbers are taking off. We are going from a startup to a scaleup, and on that journey, you need increased capital, cutting-edge knowledge, and investors who share your mission. I’m thrilled to have found that in our Nordic and American impact tech investors,” says Helena Samsioe, Founder and CEO of GLOBHE.

GLOBHE's innovative product, the SaaS platform Crowddroning by GLOBHE, connects its global crowd of local drone operators with businesses, organizations, and researchers in need of high-resolution earth observation data. The data is vital to understand the world and take action towards a more sustainable future.

Currently, Crowddroning connects to 6000+ local drone operators in 117 countries, and the numbers are increasing daily. Clients range from organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank to clean energy and big data companies. 

“We are excited to join Helena and the team at Globhe on its growth journey. We are science-driven and strong believers that to address climate change, collecting data cost-efficiently in an environmentally friendly and timely manner is key. With its unique platform and global reach, Globhe has the potential to be a world leader in its space.” --Christine Ahlstrand, Partner at Course Corrected

“We are proud to invest in GLOBHE and look forward to supporting them in accelerating growth and increasing their impact to address the world’s most pressing problems, in efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" -- Casey van der Stricht, Principal, Solve Innovation Future

“The work that the GLOBHE team does is very important - they’re creating true positive impact for people all over the world and the whole planet. We’re proud to continue to support them on their growth journey.” --Maria Bergsten, Partner at VEQ

“We are proud to continue our support in GLOBHE and the impact Crowddroning has both locally and globally.” --Erik Ekedahl, Sustainable Energy Angels

Going forward, the application areas for drones are endless. Still, GLOBHE will always stay close to its sustainability core of global health for people and the planet -  even so, the use cases and the scaling potentials are close to infinite. Drones sent out via Crowddroning by GLOBHE are today helping monitor deforestation, track impact investments, inspect clean energy assets, and prevent malaria outbreaks, to name a few. In 2021 GLOBHE impacted over 31 million people and their surrounding environments. The goal is to improve the lives of 3.8 billion people by 2030 and contribute significantly to the fight against climate change.

GLOBHE is creating a more sustainable future through the world’s first Crowddroning platform. Crowddroning sends drones globally through a crowd of local drone operators collecting high-resolution earth observation data helping businesses, organizations and researchers understand the world and take action. 

About Course Corrected

Course Corrected is a climate-focused VC fund. Together with the most visionary entrepreneurs, Course Corrected wants to be part of solving one of our planet's most pressing challenges - battling climate change. Course Corrected wants to back passionate entrepreneurs and teams with fast-growing and scalable businesses that drive the transformation towards climate-positive alternatives, disrupting incumbents and with the potential to become leaders in their respective markets. 

About Solve Innovation Future

Solve Innovation Future is a groundbreaking philanthropic venture fund that directs catalytic investments in companies from MIT Solve (an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a mission to solve world challenges.) Solve Investment Future’s investments help the selected companies accelerate growth and increase their impact and response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

About VEQ
VEQ invests in early-stage companies with innovative, digital, and scalable businesses, where technology is at the core of the product or the way the company sells and delivers the product. VEQ wants to help entrepreneurs turn their good ideas into profitable businesses and is looking to partner up with diverse teams that want to make a positive impact.

About Sustainable Energy Angels (SEA)
Early-stage investments focused on sustainable energy technology. SEA invests in companies with innovative solutions in sustainable energy technology and great market potential. SEA is an angel investor company founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information contact: Emilia Nygren, PR & Communications GLOBHE, emilia@globhe.com