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Collect drone data to monitor climate change and disaster prevention and response anywhere in the world. Simpler than ever.

GLOBHE helps the United Nations strengthen natural disaster prevention and response through it's crowddroning platform

United Nations Innovation Office

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Our Solution

Our Crowddroning by GLOBHE platform taps into drone operators globally. With the insights produced by the high-resolution drone data, you can prevent wildfires, flooding, and natural disasters, guide relief efforts, and protect areas at risk worldwide.

A project we are very proud of is fighting spruce bark beetles in Sweden with Arboair. These bugs caused significant damage across Sweden, making it challenging to identify the infected trees manually. We tasked our drone operators to capture data of the damaged trees that Arboair's AI analyzed to determine the infected trees. Check out more details about this on our forestry page.

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Available products

For environment, you can choose to get high-resolution elevation data, 2D orthomosaic maps, thermal maps, video inspection, or 3D structure models. We will select a local Crowddroning pilot with the experience and tools suitable for your project based on your needs. By ordering from Crowddroning, you will help a local pilot with a month’s worth of income and reduce the effect of climate change by using local resources instead of flying personnel and equipment to the site.

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Benefits of drones in environmental protection

Quicker scanning

Drones reduce scan time from 1 day to 1 hour, thus providing that essential time to take immediate decisions in critical situations

Recurring image acquisition

By acquiring data at regular time intervals, drones can help monitor critical areas and analyse the risk factor over time

Environmentally friendly data acquisition

All drones are battery-driven and local drone operators are commissioned, there's limited travel pollution


Data Collected


Missions Completed


Accelerate Processes


Better Data Quality


More Data

Request a demo with one of our experts to learn more about using drones in environmental projects

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