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Our global network of local drone pilots is collecting data that is making a difference for people and the planet

What is Crowddroning

Thousands of drones are flying around in our skies every day. Never before have we had access to so much data. At GLOBHE we saw the huge potential of utilizing this momentum to help solve real-life challenges, when and where it really matters - from wildfires to malaria. As a drone operator, you register to Crowddroning and you will get notified of paid flying gigs close to you! You decide if you want to take the gig or not. It is as simple as this. Crowddroning is here to help both local drone operators to have a job, and to allow clients to easily find local and skilled drone operators to take data for them. Join our Crowddroning platform and take on paid flying gigs close to you!

Join the Global Crowd of Drone Operators

When signed up to Crowddroning by GLOBHE you'll get notified of flying gigs close to your location. Register today and help us fill out the map!

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Why become a Crowddroning drone operator?

As a freelance drone operator, or even if you fly drones as a hobby, you can sign up to Crowddroning to get paid gigs close to where you live. Once a client puts an order for drone data in your country, or city, we will notify you automatically and you choose whether to take the mission or not. You will get all instructions for what the client requires, fly your drone, upload the data to Crowddroning platform, and get paid immediately. Hundreds of drone operators got paid jobs through Crowddroning around the world and made a difference by helping their community both financially and through delivering important data.

When collecting data for Crowddroning by GLOBHE I'm helping my country allocate resources to where it's needed the most

Dumi, Drone Operator


Crowddroning drone operators in Sweden

Camilla is a Crowddroning drone operator from Sweden. One of our thousands of drone operators that are flying daily to help clients around the world getting more data from drones and helping local communities.

Crowddroning drone operators in Malawi

Alexander is a drone operator based in Malawi. He worked with GLOBHE clients on many projects to fight Malaria, help the environment, and solve local problems with drones. Listen to his story and how his work is helping his local community

Crowddroning drone operators in the Phillipines

Nataniel is a Crowddroning drone operator from the Philippines. He is very passionate about drones and sustainability. He sent us this footage of him flying his drone in his hometown.

Check out our FAQ or contact us. We really want to talk to drone operators around the world and empower them.