written by

Matilda Waara Holmqvist

A Female Drone Operators Perspective

We asked Grace Ghambi, one of our Crowddroning operators in Malawi, how it is to be a woman in the drone industry and to inspire young girls to follow in her footsteps.

"Being a drone operator means a lot to me. I know there are only a few female drone operators in the emerging drone and data sector. I am an inspiration and a motivation to many young girls pursuing science technology education. My role has helped them to have a different perspective on what women can do in society," Ghambi explains.

In Malawi, using drone technology is a new field that is slowly revolutionizing the day-to-day activities of businesses, institutions, and individuals. It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of providing essential services, such as mapping and crop monitoring, which foster the country's development, protect the environment, and create local jobs. 

GLOBHE created a platform built for implementing new 21st century skills that, aside from flying the drone, can also include analysis of the data the drones collect where skills such as GIS (geographic information systems) come in handy.

"With the advantages of drone technology, I know my country will develop faster, and a lot of girls will be enrolling in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related subjects," Ghambi says.

Crowddroning by GLOBHE sends drones globally through our crowd of local drone operators collecting high-resolution data, which helps businesses, organizations and researchers understand the world and take action. Our clients easily request drone data through Crowddroning, the request matches to the closest drone operators, who fly the mission and uploads the data to our platform where our clients easily have access to it.

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First published on 2021-05-07