About Us

GLOBHE has a massive mission ahead. We want to save lives, fight climate change, and create a more sustainable future. Luckily we have a simple solution: Earth observations by drones. 

Businesses, governments, organizations, and researchers use GLOBHE’s high-resolution drone data to scale their operations, increase efficiency, and lower costs by gaining valuable insights before making decisions. Earth observation data helps them to quickly take action, foresee the future, mitigate risk, and plan their operations.

Many talk about tech for good, few practice what they preach. GLOBHE is doing it for real!

David Roldan, Head of Google Cloud Startups

Our Goal: Improve 3.8 billion lives by 2030

In 2021, we helped....

Reduce the risk of water pollution

for  2.3  million people

Reduce the risk of malaria

for  1.9  million people

Increase access to clean energy

for  1.3  million people

Drone Operators



Collected in infrastructure


Collected in Health


Collected in Water


Collected in environment

+200 Drone Operators

+20 Drone Operators

How we are different

Crowddroning by GLOBHE task local drone operators to capture ultra-high-resolution earth observation data to help customers quickly make decisions to respond to our ever-changing world. It is the only company offering an alternative to satellites globally, with higher resolution, more products, and lower prices.

Global presence

GLOBHE's high-resolution earth observation data is available in 108 countries

Rapid scale up

Quick scale up of EO delivery via our crowddroning platform and network of local drone operators

Lower costs

Lower costs than manual inspection and other earth observation tools as local operators are tasked

Meet the team

Helena Samsioe

Founder & CEO

At GLOBHE, we have an incredible team of 'Globians' with a deep passion for fighting climate change, saving lives, and making the world better. We use drones as tools to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges while improving our client operations at the same time. We don't make drones; we make drones work when and where there's a need. Each team member is outstanding in their field, and together, we are the cornerstones to making GLOBHE grow and succeed on its journey to creating a better future with drones.
Rémy Ghalayini


Napoleon Bergström


Markku Koivisto


Matilda Waara Holmqvist

Head of Marketing

Emilia Nygren

PR & Communications Manager

Mikael Costa Pinto

Flow Manager

Chase Sellmeyer

Head of Creative

Oscar Ohlson

Drone Coordinator

Yambot Aguilera

Sales Development Representative

Margherita Bruscolini

Product Manager

Alexander DC Mtambo

Head of drones Africa

Bianca Lindblad

UX Product Designer

Fredrik Johansson

UX/UI Designer

Ankit Kumar Agrawal

Engineering Project Manager

Inderjeet Kaur

Full-stack developer

Sushant Kumar

Full-stack developer

Khurseed Khan

Full-stack developer

Snow White

Full-stack developer

Sonali Jawak

Full-stack developer

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Meet our Advisory Board

Eszter Kovacs

Founder of Drone Talks & ManageId

Karin Hollerbach

Emerging Technologies | Edge AI | Drone (UAS) Tech

Karim Osman

Strategic Advisor

Our goals

We use drones to support the UN Sustainable development goals and assist local communities

Drones for Health
Drones for Health

Our drones collect photos to find malaria mosquito breeding sites, model present and future disease outbreak scenarios, and more.

Drones for Water
Drones for Water

Our drones collect photos to monitor access to clean water, find marine debris, monitor seagrass growth, and more.

Drones for affordable and clean energy
Drones for affordable and clean energy

Our drones collect photos to help plan and create solar parks and work toward universal access to modern renewable energy.

Drones for Infrastructure
Drones for Infrastructure

Our drones collect photos to monitor and assess damage to infrastructure while creating opportunities for innovators worldwide.

Drones for Climate
Drones for Climate

Our drones are collecting photos to monitor climate change, find dry areas to warn for wildfires, identify flood-prone areas, and more.

Drones for Partnership
Drones for Partnership

Our drones collect data to meet the UN Sustainability Development Goals while creating opportunities for partnerships worldwide.

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