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Monitor water pollution to detect unhealthy characteristics, prevent natural disasters and stop disease outbreaks.

The future of smart and clean drinking water supply is automatically controlled. By using sensors, AI, and drones from Crowddroning by GLOBHE we collect big data sets to monitor water and pollution movements in real-time, identify leakages and optimize flows

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Our solution

Crowddroning by GLOBHE is sending out drones to monitor algae blooms, oil spills, and other visible signs of water pollution. The insights produced by the drone's detailed image data inform water purification plants of sudden onset changes to take appropriate actions.

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Available products

For water, you can choose whether to get a high-resolution digital terrain model, digital surface models, 2D orthomosaics maps, or detailed data insights. We will select a local Crowddroning pilot with the experience and tools suitable for your project based on your needs. By ordering from Crowddroning, you will help a local pilot with a month’s worth of income and limit the carbon footprint by using local resources instead of flying personnel and equipment to the site.

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Benefits of drones in water management

Quicker scanning

Accurate and up-to-date scanning, drones reduce scan time from days to hours, thus saving that essential time for immediate decisions in critical situations

Lower costs

Drones cost a fraction of other available monitoring solutions such as airplanes and ground surveys

High quality images

Drones increase data quality up to 50 times, thus showing details that cannot be observed with other data types


Data Collected


Missions Completed


Accelerate Processes by


Better Data Quality


More Data

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