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18-09-2022 - MIT SOLVE

Solve Challenge Finals is an unparalleled live pitch event, bringing together social impact entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world. Some of the most promising tech-based innovators will join us in New York City on September 18th to share their solutions to the 2022 Solve Global Challenges

Festival Drones for Good 2022

21-09-2022 - Giscience

The Festival promotes promotes and disseminates the use of new geographic technologies such as drones, mobile GPS, GIS for scientific research and to stimulate active citizenship paths on environmental issues and urban sustainability

Tekla Festival

2-11-2022 - Svenska Institutet

Teklafestivalen grundades av artisten Robyn 2015 i samarbete med Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. Syftet är att motivera flickor att utforska teknik på sina egna villkor i en miljö där alla roller är tillgängliga för dem.

Story Maps

Fighting malaria with drones

Using AI-powered drone maps halts the spread of malaria by locating mosquito breeding sites and eliminating them before they spread the disease. With Crowddroning by GLOBHE, we can upscale this solution globally.

Saving our forests

AI-powered drone maps are helping in Europe's new war against the spruce bark beetle that is infecting our forests. Drones play a crucial role because they provide high-resolution EO imagery that allows the AI to locate infected trees quickly.

Fighting deforestation

Using high resolution earth observation data with drones and is helping the UNCCD and FAO to monitor restoration efforts along the great green wall and fight deforestation in Africa. The data is allowing them to identify tree species quickly, which otherwise was not possible with using only satellites.

Use Cases

Inspecting damage in telecommunication towers using 3D digital twins

We collect every detail and create digital twins of telecom towers using drone data. You can then visit them virtually anytime from anywhere in the world. Crowddroning by GLOBHE has successfully done this since 2020.

Monitoring algae bloom, oil spills, and other visible signs of water pollution

By using drones to produce ultra-high-resolution EO data, we can get insights to inform water purification plants of sudden onset changes so they can take appropriate actions.

Tracking damage caused by natural disasters

High-resolution earth observation data is instrumental in tracking environmental changes caused by natural disasters. Drones can get better images and more insightful data, such as 3D models or heat maps, to allow us to map damages and focus relief efforts.

Tracking malaria mosquito breeding sites

In Malawi, malaria is one of the top three causes of death among children under five years old. Every year, malaria is estimated to cost Africa more than $12 billion us dollars, even though it could be controlled for a fraction of that sum. High-resolution EO data is used in vector control to locate, monitor, and manage existing and new larvae breeding sites before mosquitoes hatch and transmit the virus to humans.

Tiny bug, major damage. How to control spruce bark beetle infestations

The spruce bark beetles have caused massive damage across Europe for the past few years. Because it is time-consuming to inspect forests on foot, we used high-resolution EO data with drones to inspect damaged trees to help and get an overview of the forest industry. The data is rapidly processed through a dedicated AI model to identify the infected trees automatically.


What is crowddroning?

Check what Crowddroning means and what are the benefits of using high-resolution earth observation data with drones globally.

EO for Water

Did you know that earth observational data can help prevent floods and water pollution?

EO for infrastructure

Infrastructure companies are turning to Crowddroning by GLOBHE for inspections, monitoring, and maintenance of their assets.

EO for the environment

Drones play a crucial role in monitoring and adapting to climate changes.

EO for health

Earth observation data saves lives by preventing future pandemics providing more effective monitoring than traditional methods.

Data: Friend or Foe?

Airwards Presents its Future of the Stenosphere Series with Alicia Llorens. We're discussing whether Data is a Friend of Foe of the Drone Industry and will be joined by Romeo Durscher (Auterion), Duncan Lees (Visualskies), Margherita Bruscolini (GLOBHE), Stefan Milz (Spleenlab) and Richard Nichols (Airwards).